The zodiacal symbol of Sagittarius is a half-human/ half-horse with a bow and arrow. The symbol is graphic representing an integrated bony spine and nervous system; the joining of horse and human.
This integrated horse-human is symbolic of a great healing between the mind, body and emotions. The healing balances human intellect with animal intuition; the psychic self and Divine connection.
Sagittarius is the indicator of:
  • Gurus and Teachers
  • Truth-seekers and travelers
  • Wisdom systems, philosophy and religion
  • Freedom and justice
  • Visionary and serendipity
The centaur, four legs rooted deep into the earth knows desire and seeks fulfillment. With bow and arrow ready, he senses the target, strains the bow releasing the arrow.
Once the arrow is released, so are apparent strategies and control. Only the journey remains as the centaur moves over the rich ground of earthy desires. The arrow and the target are forgotten as magic, the senses and serendipity take over.
While the Sagittarian tendency to wonder is magical and can be at times positive, it is not a recipe for the completion of hard tasks or for getting at the truth. For justice to be fully served under hard aspects, the truth-keeper Saturn is required.
Saturn, the great planet of truth, hard-work and karma enters into sidereal Sagittarius on October 26, 2017. Saturn refocuses the Sagittarius tendency to go off point; grounding tangibles while in this visionary sign.
Below are Saturn characteristics and key indicators.
  • Truth -keeper and taskmaster
  • Work and working hard
  • Discipline and responsibility
  • Learning lessons
  • Perseverance and gains over time
  • Structure and order
Saturn entering Sagittarius is the meeting of truth-seekers with truth-keepers. Mastery and the required work and discipline is highlighted so that long-held desires might be fulfilled.
During the next three years with discipline and perseverance, great gains are achieved and lessons learned. The past is corrected and freedom secured if one manages their responsibilities with inspiration and vision.
 Trust in the deep feeling animal-self and have faith in one’s evolving human nature.