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Astrology Basics

Find Your Astrological Guiding Planetary Archetype
Thursday evening May 23, 2024 5:30PM to 7:30PM
Vashon Rider 17425 Vashon Highway

According to Webster’s, an archetype is the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies. Atman is a quintessential archetype among the Vedic-Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses but is lesser known to Westerners.
Our Solar system’s nine planets in astrology are also archetypal and deeply patterned within our psyche. Identifying which planet is placed in highest zodiacal degree in your birth chart,
is a key and may unlock a deeper and possibly hidden, spiritualized Self.

In Vedic (sidereal) astrology, the planet in highest degree is the Atman and points at your
life’s purpose or Dharma. Having some sense of your life’s purpose is navigational.

Our life’s path and purpose can be better illuminated, when we allow archetypal energies
and forces found within the astrological chart, to guide us.

In this 2-hour class:
⦁ Receive a copy of your Vedic (sidereal) Astrological birth chart with the planet in highest degree highlighted.
⦁ Discover the constellation and house placement of the planet in highest degree.
⦁ Learn the meaning of the archetypal planet, constellation and house placement and how they point at your life’s purpose.

Contact: Melanie Farmer ayurvedicastrologer@gmail.com
Cell: 206.370.4394 $60.00 – Cash, check or Venmo

Please provide birth time, date and place 48 hours before the start of this 2-hour class.


Melanie Farmer

Melanie Farmer

Melanie Farmer is a massage therapist and yoga teacher,  equestrian and artist  as well as an ayurvedic clinical practitioner,  She has been in practice for 25 years in the Seattle area and is a Vashon resident.